Mentality Personality Temperament

Mentality .... what is it? According to Wikipedia is described as; Mentality (after the Latin mens, "spirit") a description of the dominant and prevailing thought- and behaviorpattern.

A dogs mentality is affected by many factors. The mental characteristics such as temperament and personality are controlled by what the dog has through heritage, its genes. But even non-hereditary factors, which are created by the dogs environment, such as upbringing and the environment and handling the dog is exposed to in everyday life, is of great importance. The combination of genes and the influence of environment controls how the dog reacts and behaves in different situations.

A dog with good mentality do well in their everyday lives and feel good. Although we train and compete with our Affenpinscher they are primarily family dogs. We shall enjoy each other and have a good living together. Our dogs mental qualities are important for how our time together are. All our dogs are different, not everyone is overjoyed when they meet new people, some react to loud sounds others do not, everyone does not think rabbits are fun to chase, some love their toys, others think that the family is the best playmates - and all are of course exactly as it should be!!

To get to know your dog even more and find out how it will respond to and handle in different situations, is the BPH (Behavioural and personality description dog) that is designed to fit all dogs, regardless of breed. The description takes about 45 minutes and contains 8 different elements - among other things contact with foreign people, playing, foodinterest and come upon surprises / noice.

BPH is a description - it means that a dog is not passed or failed, instead, that the description is completed and the results presented in a spider diagram makes it possible to compare a dogs description with other described dogs in the breed.

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For me a good dog is, a dog that acts like a buddy in everyday life and active leisure - which is curious, happy, confident and social. In other words, a good mental dog is a dog that is easy to live with