2017 June 26

It has been a fun, rainy and much winning weekend with great girls Lisa and Ewa :)
We were all pleased and happy after Saturday's show, where our coffee bean "Zoegaz" Laroussu's Pot Purri, got the CC and Cacib and with that she can now titulate herself both Swedish and Polish Champion!
Also "Huntley", Darkle Hunterkin, did well with CC in the luggage with home.
On the trip were also "Bossa", who received the desirable Cacib and "Lia" who hit big and became Best in Breed with CC and Cacib - Congratulations Lisa and Ewa!
As usual, good food and drinks were served in Poland, so also for the dogs who tried Kangaroo - a delicacy for the four-legged :)

Extra fun to come home and see that our four little ones had opened their eyes! So now there will be a lot of puppy cuddle in the future.
To be continued.....

2017 June 11

What a fanatic dog-weekend it has been for Laroussu's :)
In Norway, "Milli", Laroussu's Secret Service, boasts with BOS CC & Cacib at the INT all breed show in Oslo!
In Denmark, it was "Kakan", Laroussu's Qup Qake who took home CC & Rcacib at INT all breed show in Vejen!
In Sweden, more specifically here at home, Tekla decided that now it was a good time for her gold nuggets to be born. So we welcome Laroussu's VV-litter.

Congratulations on all the great results. You are fantastic :)
Now we will enjoy our little ones.

2017 March 19

What a fun show weekend it has been. We were a great team, both humans and dogs, that met up at Malmö show. Best was our lovely little Cake, Laroussu's Qup Qake, who tiptoed home her first BOB CC and Cacib. There was a lot of shout of joy and hugs when Kakan was placed as the winner ........ shared happiness is double happiness :)
In Norway, it was "Milli", Laroussu's Secret Service, which did the great achievement of winning the desirable "BigCC" at the INT show in Kristiansand. Great hearty congratulations to owner Mette-Eline.

Must also brag a little about the amazing feats the relatives in England have won at this year's biggest show Crufts, with over 90 entered Affenpinscher!! Best In Breed/Best Bitch Ch Darkle Devil's Advokate, is the sister to our Nancy, Darkle Naughty Nancy, and also Huntleys aunt. BOS/Best Male and who this day also became GBCh Darkle Life of Brian is son to our handsome Barney, Ceterra Barnacle Bill. Congratulations to owner Sophie Wildig. An honorable second place in the juniorclass won Darkle Hawker Harrier, he is brother to our latest English addition Huntley, Darkle Hunterkin .... what a family affair :) Big Congratulations to the breeder Jessica Gruninger.
Also a Big Congratulations to Boel and Born Beautiful Mm Zorro
who won second place in the large openclass :)

A very good start to this showyear .... hope it continues in the same spirit!

2017 March 4

Then it was off to Poland with the greatest friends ..... think how much one need to talk about and still there is not enough time to catch up with all ...... Once in Zielona Gora, it was a Poland that offered sun, blue sky and wonderful 17 degrees :) wonderful for a winter weary Swede!!
As usual on our trips, it will be much of the good in life - food, shopping, laughter and wonderful pranks ....... After a long journey and showday is extra nice to check into a cosily hotel and for both two- and four-legged get to toss one in a soft cool bed :) then eat too much in a luxurious restaurant - Poland has delicious food - then together with crazy roomies in a ragbag laughing, talking, cheering, doing practical jokes until one by one get visited by the Sandman :) It is quality of life yes it is!!

The showresults was fantastic for all our fourlegged friends we had with us. The Minpins had both BOB, CC and CACIB home with them! For "my" three furry superstars it was jackpot, the results you can see by clicking << HERE >>. An extra big congratulations to the fourth furry friend who was on the trip
, Bossa, Unicorn King's Hector Barbossa, who now can call himself Champion!

2017 January 12

New Year new challenges .... but first a little summation of the past year.
On the puppyfront has all of our puppies found new homes with wonderful families <3 We are delighted with all the nice emails, text messages and phone calls we get about how much joy the little ones spread in their new families. And then we have great grandfather that must be mentioned here. What a dog what a feat, "Tarje" LP1, RLDF & RLDN Laroussu's Power, which in old age (11 years) together with mum Solvejg, still showing superb results in RallyObedience, promoted to Advanced Class. Solvejgs second affenpinscher "Gizmo" RLDA, RLDF & RLDN Tanzab's Gizmo Star (after Laroussu's Zircon), he too is fantastic in Rally Obedience, and is promoted to Master Class :) Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

In the showrings around the world has it been full pot :) 11 new championtitels, 4 new winningtitles, BOB-, BOS- and BIGplacements has Laroussu's dogs conquered during the year. Im so proud! Thank you all wonderful that made this possible. Especially proud I am of the girl gang - Laroussu's Jumanji Jenny - Laroussu's Lotus Liva - Ribbleriver Scandamania - who now calls themself INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION (C.I.B.). And in Norway Laroussu's Secret Service hit big during the year with 9x BPOB, 1x BPOS and 3x Group placements, with that amazing result she became Top of the Year Puppy 2016 :) In England it was Laroussu's Que Qumber who achieved for the glorious feat to end the year as #3 Top of the Year Puppy 2016.

Laroussu's Qup Qake and Laroussu's Lotus Liva has has completed BPH - Behavioural and personality description dog - with excellent results. They have shown that affenpinscher is a confident breed with a positive attitude! You can read more about BPH HERE >>>
During the year we have as we usually do checked the status of our dogs' knees. Happy with the outcome - all four checked have healthy fine knees: Laroussu's Pot Purri, Laroussu's Silly Symphonie, Darkle Hunterkin and Darkle Sugarplum Fairy.
Now is 2016 past and we look forward to 2017 with exciting new puppy plans, shows and much joy together with all the great people and dogs> 3


2016 Mai 14

Danish Kennel Club national show in Køge became a much winning and very joyful event.
Silly, Laroussu's Silly Symphonies, went on big again and became today Best Puppy of Breed - with very promising words from the judge that this little lady is a future star ....... in our eyes she is already is a star, waster, wild and daring and just wonderful !

Our own pirate Messi, Laroussu's Kalles Kaviar, thought it was more interesting with all the wonderful girldogs than of the chickenfillets that I cooked just for him!! But despite his not always so professional behaviour in the ring, he received much credit from the judge and ended the day as Best of Breed and got the Danish CC. So now he can indeed call himself Swedish Champion - Danish Champion - Polish Champion. Great guy :)

Moggie, Laroussu's Lotus Liva, who have had a break from shows because she been on a spree as a nudist, now wearing a bikini (wished for swimsuit), today was her day to show and she really loves to tiptoe around in the ring with the probably happiest tail, yes she probably loves everyone and everything (.... who wants to give her something to eat). The judge was lyrical over her well-built body and nice proportions, so despite the "bikini-coat" she became today's best female and also Moggie got her Danish CC and can add Danish Champion to her previous Swedish and Polish Championtitles :)

2016 April 30 to May 1

Danish Kennel Club International show in Roskilde is notorious for wind, cold, rain, snow and hail!
Bad weather = then you are in Roskilde.

On Saturday, it was just like it usually are at Roskilde show - cold, wind and rain - thoughts went this year the winter gone be unbearably long, dark and dull! The wins on this day went to the same character .... well except Silly, Laroussu's Silly Symphonies, which debuted in the show ring and did it with wagging happy tail and was to honor the day Best Puppy in Breed.
Today's Best Male, Nero Argento's Rex Rocket, we are of course especially proud of him - his mother is sweet Micro, Laroussu's Kit Kat. Congratulations Annelise!

Sunday started with a long and hearty laugh .... my bewildered companions first sent a text message that they were on the way. A few minutes later the phone tinkle again ..... when it was announced that they were a little late, they had forgotten the dog at home :) Wonderful Isa and Kåre!

Sunday's happy beginning,continued the whole day; sun and warmth (in Roskilde ?? !!), another Best Puppy in Breed for Silly and our unfortunate Messi, Laroussu's Kalles Kaviar, thought today's show was incredibly fun (think what a little chicken fillet can do) happy and with verve in the step he was awarded with a reserve CAC to put among his other nice wins!
Best of Breed with Cacib stood Ninjas, Laroussu's Naughty'b Nature, prospective cavalier for - Born Beautiful Mm Zorro - so now he can boast with the most noble title of all - International Beauty Champion. Congratulations Boel and Elin :)

2016 March 26 to 27

This weekend have been amazing, one great win after another ..... let them come, let them come .......
I am incredibly proud of both of "my" young supergirls!

On Saturday March 26th in England at Championship show UK Toy - Queenie, Laroussu's Que Qumber, made her debut in the showring and was awarded Best puppy in breed! Queenies father is our lovely Canadian Barney, Ch Ceterra's Barnacle Bill, which proved to be an excellent breeding dog - also sire to today's shows two best males and winner of the coveted CC (Challenge Certificate) Darkle Life of Brian and Reserve CC Darkle Seamonkey, bred by Jessica Grunninger, England.
At the same time in Norway Milli, Laroussu's Secret Service, was in the ring for the third time and Best puppy in breed - BPOB - for the third time!

On Sunday March 27th in Norway Milli turned on big, again. BPOB and Puppy Group 4 among all the puppies!!!
And in England at Barrow and District KA show Queenie was once more BPOB and as Ann wrote the icing on the cake Queenie won Puppy Group 1!!

What a fantastic show weekend it has been. I am so happy and proud of our beautiful dogs.
I think I will stay up here on the clouds for a while!!