Laroussu's Dance with the Devil
Laroussu's Dollars to donuts
Laroussu's Drop Dead Gorgeous
Laroussu's Dressed up to the nines
Laroussu's Diamond in the rough



Laroussu's Wobbler Wildtail
Knäledsstatus / Knees: 0-0
Laroussu's Silly Symphonie
Knäledsstatus: 0-0

Now have "Silly", Laroussu's Silly Symphonie, becomemother. Our sweet, cuddly and frisky Silly, is a little crazy girl with excellent coat quality, nice expression and nice details. She has a fun mix in her pedigree with many fantastic representatives of the breed. We look forward with excitement tosee the pups grow. The father is "Woofie", Laroussu's Wobbler Wildtail, a calm and friendly male with correct substance, excellent coat quality and a typical expression. He has for us a nice mix with many beautiful representatives in his pedigree. We hope and believe in a bunch pleasant puppies from Woofie & Silly. Both have interesting bloodlines and with nice outfit..... can it be anything else but fine, fresh and fabulous :)

Inavelsprocent 0%
Laroussu's Wobbler Wildtail
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Laroussu's Silly Symphonie
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