RAS - Breedspecific breedingstrategies

2001, decided the Swedish Kennelclubs Kennelcouncil that, for each breed, will be a breedspecific breedingstrategy (RAS).

They breed specific breeding strategies are plans for breeding within the race. Work with breedspecific breedingstrategy is based on a description of the current situation and the possible problems that exist in the breed - dogs' health, mentality and exterior. The strategy also describes which the objectives are, how the objective will be achieved and when. The aim is that the Swedish breeder will maintain and reinforce a healthy, sound and sustainable breeding of the breed. RAS document is a living document and will be revised every five years.

RAS document should be a guide and a guideline for breeders / owners, a tool to monitor and improve the development of the breed, but it also serves as a consumer advice for those who have plans to buy an affenpinscher.

Here you can read the set RAS documents (only in Swedish) available for affenpinscher.