The Breed that takes itself very seriously!!

The Affenpinscher is a magical little dog, as in the original standard of 1913 was described as "ein kleiner Teufel voll Gift und Galle", which means that it was "a little devil full of poison and bile"!!! A devil is that last thing that an Affenpinscher is, but the one thing that they do have in common with the inhabitants of the underworld - if you
lose your soul to an affen it is lost for ever.

Affenpinscher beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is a reason for their cheeky expression. They are fearless, stubborn and live life with a burning curiosity in their owners every move. The owner is the sun as the Affenpinschers world revolves around!

Much speaks for the Affenpinscher, as an ideal companiendog to them who want a dog who stay under kneehight. But to them who want a decorative dog on the couch have to look after another breed. Even though the Affenpinscher is a small dog, he is sporty and robust companion. He is loyal and vivid, who is satisfied with a daily walk in the park,
but would gladly walk to the ends of the Earth if the owner so wish.

It is a wise and purposeful dog, that is by itself completly capable of being confronted with the world around it, no matter if it comes to other dogs, children or new environments. The value, however, mostly to be with his family everywhere.

Affenpinscher is easily trainable, even though he thinks that instant obedience is not always necessary. The breed have however a very strong will of his own and it will not always comply with his owners wishes.

It have the ability to adapt and it is flexible, if it is bored it will make up a way of it own to amuse itself, for better and for worse! Combine with a alert and lively temperament, and that it is very mobile and ingenious, mean sometimes that the Affenpinscher suddenly appaers where you least expect it to be.

The Affenpinschers duties for the humans were mainly as ratters. When it comes to "preys", who can distract other dogs, the Affenpinscher are usually not that interested, the breeds lust for preys including usually only by indignant over Hedgehog and birds.

The Breed standard describes the Affenpinscher as a "rough, small, compact dog with a monkey-like expression". It is this similarity that has given us the breeds name. The German word for monkey is "affen". Character of the breed is described as a appealing mixture of fearlessness, comic seriousness with a pleasant honest and devoted manner. The Affenpinscher is alert and always prepared to defend itself. The sparkling eyes, the tousled fringe and the prominent bottom lip gives the Affenpinscher its characteristic expression.

In many ways the Affenpinscher is a good firstchoice breed. It is a exellent familydog. The breed is easy to care for with a stable and positiv temperament. It is besides intelligent enough to realize it can be profitable to be friends with ALL familymembers - because friends share, even of what is on the kitchentable!

You will never be bored with an Affenpinscher in the house!