About Us

My name is Camilla Bäckstedt Stridsberg, I am the owner of Laroussu's Kennel.
The big interest in my life, has always been animals, and specially dogs. My first real dog of my own, the papillon Kim, walked into my life 1986. The same year when Katinka vd Rheinpfalz came into my life, she was my first wonderful Affenpinsher.

My kennel name was registered in 1990, as after a number of applications with various ingenious and imaginative proposal become Laroussu's after Karate Kid - his name in the movies are really Daniel Larusso!
My first litter of Affenpinsher was born in 1992: Laroussu's Azzurro, Laroussu's Amaretto and Laroussu's Appelonia. Two of the puppies from this litter became later my first Swedish Show Champions of my own breeding.

2003 I proudly recived the Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Clubs Breeder Medal for meritorious Affenpinscherbreeding.

Since 2012, I am a certified instructor for the Swedish Kennel Club breeder education.

We have permission according to §16 animalprotection law, County Administrative Board.

Breeding is a exciting area as sometimes both bewilder and surprise, it is this which make it so provocative and funny. It is the breeding goals which are the basis for the breeding, to get all the pieces in the right place is a long-term work,and with experience and knowledge increase change the way towards the goal.

My goal is to raise happy, pleasant and healthy dogs with a appealing exterior.

To breed Affenpinscher is a way of enjoy life. It is fantastic to be involved in and contribute to the breeds next and future generations, but also a great responsibility as must manage to the greatest way possible.

For me is a good dog far from just a good-looking dog, of course I get extremely proud and happy when any of the dogs get great results and exhibition is one of many fun aktivity one can do together with the dog.
But on the other hand it can be so it is not always the most good-looking dog who have the greatest merits, quite simply the most persistent exhibitor ..... and it is just like as a wise old woman said "merits can not be inherit". With all due respect to exhibition but there is so much other which is atleast as important

To me a good dog is a healthy dog which one can share every day with in many years ahead. A dog which work as a buddy for every day and for a active leisure - be curious, happy, secure and friendly. With other words a good dog is a dog which is easy to live with.

"It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace not to have any stars to reach at.