The Dogs

1986 I met with Katinka vd Rheinpfalz, she was my first Affenpinsher.

1992 was m y first litter of Affenpinsher born: Laroussu's Azzurro, Laroussu's Amaretto and Laroussu's Appelonia. Two of the puppies from this litter became later my first Swedish Show Champions of my own breeding. Laroussu's Amaretto was the first and so far the only Affenpinscher with Approved Guard- and Mental Test (1993-12-05).

2002 was the first out of two Miniaturepinscherlitter born, also one Griffonlitter (2006) have been born at our kennel.

2003 I recived the Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Clubs Breeder Medal for meritorious Affenpinscherbreeding.

66 Champions of which 51 of my own breeding. As well as a lot of winning titles and other honorary awards.

We have been lucky and have wunderful puppiebuyers, a kennels success depend a great deal on it's puppiebuyer. All of YOU are worthy on a praise, because without you, our hearty puppiebuyer, had the great results through the years not been possible. It is so wunderful everytime at our "Laroussu's Meeting" to gather all enthusiastic puppiebuyer and theirs Affenpinschers; to see the old ones, the young ones and the future hopes! Well cared for and much loved, it makes my heart lighten up, Thank you!

We have had the benefit and joy to import beautyful, healthy and pleasant dogs from different corners around the world. Ofcourse we are very proud of our foreign protégés and of the confidence we have from their breeders. Thank you, we will manage it well.