Våra Hundar / Our Dogs

Stamtavlor samt lite mer om hundarna, klicka på namnen / Pedigrees and little more about the dogs, click on the names

Hanhundar / Males

Tikar / Females


  Laroussu's I'll be a Monkey's Uncle   Laroussu's Icing on the Cake   Laroussu's I think therefore I am
  Laroussu's Give the Devil Her Due   Laroussu's Feel on Top of the World   Laroussu's First and Foremost
  Laroussu's Footloose n Fancy Free   Ch Laroussu's Eat high off the hog   Laroussu's Every trick in the book
  Laroussu's Every dog has its day   Laroussu's Eat your heart out   Laroussu's Dollars to Donuts
  Laroussu's Dance with the Devil   Laroussu's Dressed up to the Nines   Laroussu's Diamond in the Rough
  Laroussu's Drop Dead Gorgeous   Laroussu's Close But no Cigar   Laroussu's Chip like the old Block
  Ch Laroussu's Cute as a Bug's ear   Unicorn King's Carrera   Laroussu's Bring Home the Bacon
  Ch Laroussu's Better The Devil U Know   Laroussu's Brass Monkey Weather   Laroussu's Bark up the wrong tree
  Laroussu's Bright Eyed N Buschy Tail   Laroussu's Apple of Your Eye   Laroussu's All Bark and No Bite
  Laroussu's A Blessing in Disguise   Ch Laroussu's Zulu Zone   Laroussu's Zig Zagoon
  Ch Laroussu's Zombee Z   Laroussu's Zim Zalabim   Laroussu's Zenith Zero
  Laroussu's Yakety Yak   Laroussu's Yolli Yoghurt   Ch Laroussu's Xyla Xylitol
  Laroussu's Wobbler Wildtai   Laroussu's Woof Woof   Laroussu's Wacky Witch
  Ch Laroussu's Viking Vale   Laroussu's Van Veeteren   Laroussu's Vera Velour
  Laroussu's Tantum Tu   Ch Laroussu's Secret Service   Laroussu's Silly Symphonie
  Ch Laroussu's Qash Qai   Laroussu's Que Qumber   Laroussu's Qream Qaramel
  Laroussu's Outof Order   Laroussu's Opus One   Laroussu's Naughty'b Nature
  Ch Laroussu's Lotus Liva   Laroussu's Laurie Lee   Ch Laroussu's Kalles Kaviar
  Ch Lejacks Ceacar Kan Allt   Laroussu's Govert Goudglans   Laroussu's Gyro Gearloose
  Ch Laroussu's Anna Anaconda   Laroussu's Aurea Amoris   Laroussu's Alfa Alfa
  Laroussu's Wishbone   Laroussu's Velox   Laroussu's Vega
  Laroussu's Unison   Laroussu's Unicum   Laroussu's Tom Tomat
  Ch Laroussu's Tiny Terrorist   Ch Laroussu's Subwooffer   Laroussu's Rambaldi
  Laroussu's Razzel   Laroussu's Rakosi   Ch Laroussu's Rocculla
  Laroussu's Power   Laroussu's Pfefferoni   Ch Laroussu's Nosferatu
  Ch Laroussu's Inferno   Laroussu's Hippy Hipp Hopp   Laroussu's Happy Humorist
  Ch Laroussu's Godis   Ch Laroussu's Freija   Ch Laroussu's Essig
  Ch Laroussu's Livsgnista   Ch Laroussu's Delirium   Laroussu's Cheddar